TCPL to deliver search and merchandising

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River Island has selected TCPL to build their next generation search and merchandising component after a competitive solution review.

TCPL landed the business after in-depth analysis of current provider features versus an integrated solution to be built from the ground up for River Island.  For the pitch, TCPL were able to successfully demonstrate the power of an integrated solution that can deliver to both BAU requirements and an advanced feature roadmap. In addition, TCPL clearly mapped out how they would manage a successful migration from the existing solution to minimise business and SEO impact. The TCPL team will be responsible for the technical build of a purpose built search component, working closely with River Islands in-house business teams to ensure a seamlessly rollout.

TCPL rose above competitors because of its focus on of providing a solution that was tailored to the client as well as ensuring performance for enterprise level traffic.

Robin Astbury, Managing Director at TCPL, who ran the pitch and headed up the team responsible for delivery said “The new 'purpose built' component is part of TCPL's goal to transform how retailers approach search and merchandising”. He added that “The TCPL team that will be responsible for delivery has been built from some of the UK's best talent in search and ecommerce and are keen to prove once again how a tailored approach to delivering enterprise solutions is a better business model for retailers”.

All work being done by River Island's previous agency will be fully transitioned to TCPL by the end of the third quarter of 2017.



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