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River Island & TCPL

A case study on how focusing on technology enablement can transform a retail business.

River Island

River Island is one of the UK's most successful fashion retail companies on the High Street and in ecommerce, thanks to their commitment to continually delivering stylish and affordable fashion. With nearly 300 stores across the UK and Ireland, and internationally throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe, River Island has a huge presence in the retail sector.

TCPL was appointed ahead of other agencies because we understand how to deliver technical agility within large organisations through purpose built technology that fits into their complex business and processes

River Island's Purpose built ecommerce

Now in our 7th year of a successful partnership with River Island, we continue to provide technical expertise and innovation for their digital division. TCPL's implementation of components and technology has enabled River Island to grow their brand and digital presence.

From moving into the cloud through to the creation of some truly market leading technology River Island's break from the ‘platform’ mould has transformed their digital business and allowed them to become a real technology leader.

Free from ‘out of the box’ platform restrictions, River Island can now implement any new feature without having to re-implement for each ‘platform upgrade’, leading to 'quicker to market' innovation and better business integration. 'Purpose built' has proven to be perfect model for a modern retailer like River Island.

TCPL Components

Based on our ability to deliver to any brief that River Island required, TCPL produced some truly advanced technology.

  • End-to-end Ecommerce Solution - Fully bespoke ecommerce solution that has handed the brand back to the business

  • Search and Merchandising - Fully integrated advanced search and merchandising capabilities with sophisticated management interface built to fit into their business processes

  • PIM and Catalog framework - One the most sophisticated product and catalog management systems that integrates analytic and real-time data to allow merchandisers to make informed business decisions

  • CMS - Advanced service-based content management interface that supports technical UI/UX developers as well as marketing content teams. All based on a CMS that was built from the ground up to support ecommerce applications

  • Promotion Computational Engine - Fully configurable and lighting fast, the TCPL promotion engine can deliver any promotion a marketing team can think of. Full support for all apportionment options as well as multi-currency and regional based promotions

  • Personalisation & Campaign module - CRM integrated system that allows marketing, promotions and content teams to target individual user segments


As a core partner for River Island's AWS migration, TCPL ensured a successful transition from a traditional hosting environment into the ‘cloud’.  The TCPL implementation fully adopted all cloud based standards – auto scaling, auto healing, cross availability zone, etc… and went live without any operational or business impact.


Since working with TCPL, River Island has enjoyed phenomenal online growth without any unplanned service disruption.  Fully engaged with technology, River Island are now leading the way a modern retailer operates in a digital world.